About BNEF

About Bakers National Education Foundation

A degree in Bakery Science & Management really pays off.

Just do the math.

     Reduced Tuition
     Paid Summer Internships
+   Bake Lab Experience
$50,000 + starting salaries and
100% job placement.

With the assistance of today's top baking industry companies, BNEF contributes financial support, recruitment assistance and scholarships to the Bakery Science & Management program at Kansas State University located in Manhattan, Kansas. As the only university in the U.S. offering bachelor and graduate degrees in bakery science, K-State has become the primary training ground for the industry's future leaders. Founders of the program created a curriculum devoted to the art and science of baking as well as to business law, accounting, and technology. K-State graduates in bakery science can be found at every level of the profession, from production management and product development to quality control and business management.

Bakers Make What America Loves to Eat

Many of the minds behind your favorite baked goods and snack foods got their start at Kansas State. With a degree in bakery science and management, you can help create, produce, and market the products that so many people enjoy today.

K-State graduates are employed in a variety of positions at a number of food and ingredient companies, with average starting salaries exceeding $50,000. Many graduates receive signing bonuses, and 100% of them find positions after graduation.

The bakery science and Management Program at K-State provides one of the best returns on investment for any four-year college degree program.

K-State's Bakery Science & Management program attributes its success to BNEF and industry leaders like you. Because of the generous contributions made by baking and allied companies as well as K-State alumni, the enrollment in the Bakery Science program has continued to increase since 2005. The number of scholarships available to students has also increased each year to the current level of over $90,000 annually. Your BNEF contribution is an investment in tomorrow's baking business.